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Silky Soft Saree Software
  • Flexible Reporting.
  • Extensive Accounting Features.
  • Extensive Supplier & Customers Registration View
  • Extensive Job work Solution
  • Extensive Financial Reports
  • Extensive User-Configurable Printing Option
  • Extensive M.I.S. REPORTS
Silky Soft Saree Software

Company Management:

  • Silky Soft provides intuitive company management functions grouped together. Providing straight forward access to all aspects of your company is one of the secrets to Free Accounting Software's ease of use.
  • Add, edit and manage your company’s users.
  • Add, edit and manage your company’s branches and setup cost centers that can consist of one or more branch.
  • Modify your Free Accounting chart of accounts, create new accounts and rename/renumber accounts as required.
  • Create, edit and manage Customers, customer contacts and customer ship to addresses.
  • Create, edit and manage Vendors and vendor contacts and vendor ship from addresses.
  • Sales and Customer Management
  • Silky Soft provides comprehensive Sales and Customer management. As you conduct business, like with all other functions, Silky Soft maintains all the necessary data for you. Your accounting and inventory data is automatically updated.
  • Create, edit and manage Customers, customer's contacts and customer ship to addresses.
  • Create Quotations or Sales Orders for customers. View available inventory and pricing.
  • Convert Quotations or Sales orders into actual deliveries and print delivery slips if required. Users who do not require a delivery process can go straight to invoicing.
  • Print, Fax, or export and email Quotations/Sales Orders/Delivery slips/invoices/Accounts Receivable.
  • Manage customer product returns. Verify the customer purchased this product from you, when and the price they paid. Create Credit Memos.
  • Reviews manage and reconcile accounts receivables and aging. Monitor the status of your customer accounts.
  • Make and manage deposits after you receive your payment.

Flexible Reporting:

Silky Soft provides a lot of reports for you to manage your business. Everything from account listings, transaction summaries, aging detail, balance sheet, income statement, general ledger and many more. Silky Soft frees up your time to manage your business, and provides the tools you need to do it right. Join the many of users who are running their business. Additionally Silky Soft allows you to edit and modify Column Headings and hide and show columns in your reports giving you a level of unprecedented flexibility over your Accounting Software

Extensive Accounting Features:

  • Cash Book & Day Book Printing (a) Single Entry System (b) Double Entry System
  • Packing Slip (Formatting with User-Configurable Option)
  • Manual Sale Invoice (Formatting with User-Configurable Option)
  • Auto Sale Invoice Generation against Packing Slip
  • Invoice Printing (Agent wise + City wise + State wise + Transport wise + Date wise)
  • Purchase Invoice (Formatting With User-Configurable Option)
  • Approval Purchase (Formatting With User-Configurable Option)
  • Auto Purchase against Approval Purchase
  • Credit Note (Formatting With User-Configurable Option)
  • Debit Note (Formatting With User-Configurable Option)
  • Cash Memo (Formatting with User-Configurable Option)
  • Auto Stock Numbering
  • Pending Sales Orders Status (Party-wise / Item-wise)
  • Pending Purchase Orders Status (Supplier-wise / Item-wise)
  • Sales Order-wise Statement (Party-wise / Item-wise)
  • Pending Purchase Orders (Party-wise / Item-wise)
  • Purchase Order-wise Statement (Party-wise / Item-wise)
  • Auto Cheque Printing against Purchase + Manual Chq. Printing + Range Chq. Printing Including Bank Slip Printing Option
  • Combined Ledger
  • Combined Address Book Printing
  • Label Printing
  • Sticker Printing
  • Holiday List Master
  • Interest Calculation
  • Product Calculation
  • Price List (with Auto Update mode)
  • Auto Item Last Sale Rate Finder Party wise
  • Auto Item Last Pur. Rate Finder Supplier wise
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement (Reconciled entry in Clg.Date Order)
  • List of Stock in Hand (With LIFO & FIFO)
  • Register (Purchase, Sale, Cash Sale, Sales Return, and Purchase Return.)
  • TDS Certificate
  • Handloom Certificate
  • Debtors & Creditors Outstanding (Ageing wise State wise City wise Area wise Agent wise)
  • Detail list of Post Dated Cheques (With Issue Date + Chq.Date + Clg.Date wise)
  • Detail list of unpaid purchase
  • Payment mode (a) Single Cheque Various Payment (b) Various Payment by single Cheque
  • Auto Book Closing
  • One touch Closing Balance T\T New Year
  • Missing Stock no. find
  • Difference of Stock no. Find option
  • Detailed Trial Balance (Op.Balance+Total Dr+Total Cr.+Closing Balance
  • Stock Adjustment (Supplier wise + Rate wise + Item wise)
  • Transport Register
  • Expenses Voucher Printing
  • Auto Credit note Create against Bill
  • Old Invoice T/T new Invoice
  • Various Entry Move to New Date Option

Extensive Stock Inventory Report

Silky Soft provides impressive inventory management. As you purchase and sell goods Silky Soft automatically makes all your entries to your financial and inventory journals.

  • Choose FIFO, LIFO or Average Cost Accounting Methods
  • Create, edit and manage items listing. Define item attributes
  • Review inventory control journal. Visually confirming the item movement and history as recorded by Free Accounting Software
  • Create Physical inventory adjustments
  • Review inventory reports and monitor inventory trends
  • Reviews manage and reconcile accounts receivables and aging. Monitor the status of your customer accounts
  • Make and manage deposits after you receive your payments.
  • Auto Cost adjustment on Negative Inventory Item Sales.
  • Attach Images to Items.
  • Receive and properly Track Inventory with or without a Purchase Order

Advanced Stock Management

  • Rate Wise Stock
  • Date Wise Stock
  • Item Wise Stock
  • Supplier wise Stock
  • Auto Stock Numbering
  • Auto Stock Searching
  • Auto Stock Renumbering
  • Auto Stock Shifting
  • Auto Stock Number Adjustment (Rate wise + Item Wise + Opening Stock wise + Supplier Wise
  • Stock Number Difference Smart Finder
  • Missing Stock Number Smart Finder
  • Duplicate Stock Number Finder
  • Stock Register
  • Party wise Stock Ledger
  • Item Ledger
  • Auto Stock Updating
  • Auto Stock Valuation

Extensive Order Status

  • Supplier Order Creation
  • Party Order Creation
  • Goods Delivery Receipt from Supplier
  • Goods Delivery to Party
  • Auto Pending Order Status Report (Item wise + Party wise + Supplier wise + Date Wise )

Extensive Stock Level Status

  • At the time of Purchase you can feed the minimum & Maximum level of Stock
  • The time of Sale & Purchase you can know your Stock in hand automatically.

Extensive Production Management

  • In House Production
  • Out House Production
  • Department wise Processing
  • Catalogue Manager
  • Petty Bash Book
  • Petty Ledger
  • Payroll Systems
  • Non-Performing Item Report
  • Non Performing Customers Report
  • Design No. Wise Production
  • Daily Department wise Performance Report

Extensive Job work Solution

  • Job Master
  • Item Category Master
  • Item Sub- Category Master
  • Supplier Purchase
  • Supplier Return
  • Supplier Payment
  • Karigar Issue
  • Karigar Recd.
  • Karigar Return
  • Performance Analysis Report
  • Repair Voucher Issue
  • Repair Voucher Recd.
  • Auto Than Conversion to PCS
  • Bilty wise , LR No Wise Report
  • Auto Value Addition
  • Auto Payment Generator by two mode 1-Advance 2-Bill by Bill
  • Auto piece wise Rate Deduction
  • Pending Job Report
  • All/Selected Karigar wise
  • All/Selected Job wise
  • All/Selected Item wise
  • Date wise
  • Daily Payment Report
  • Supplier Rate History Master
  • Karigar Job Rate History Master
  • Catalogue Manager
  • MRP Master

Extensive Financial Reports

  • All Books of Accounts & Final Results
  • Balance Sheet with various Schedules
  • Daily / Monthly Summaries of Accounts, Groups and Cost Centers
  • Outstanding Reports and Analysis
  • Payment Reminder Letters
  • Agent-wise Reporting
  • Interest Calculation (Multiple Slabs based on Amount & Days)
  • Depreciation Chart (as per Co. Act / IT Act)
  • Bank Re-conciliation
  • Cost Centers with Grouping

Silky Soft allows you to Create Quotes/Sales Orders, Invoices, Credit Memos, Purchase Orders, Debit Memo, Checks and Deposits that automatically update your accounting books as your daily work are completed. Silky Soft properly manages all aspects of your business accounting while you conduct your business.

Extensive Multi-Location Inventory Management

  • All Books of Inventory
  • Stock Status
  • Stock Valuation on multiple methods
  • Daily / Monthly Summaries on the basis of Items and Item Groups
  • Item-wise Gross Profit
  • Primary and Alternate Unit for each item
  • Multiple Material Centers with Grouping
  • Material Issue / Receipt
  • Critical Level Controls
  • Updating of Critical Levels based on Consumption
  • Multiple Price-list for Items
  • Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Item Groups

Extensive M.I.S. REPORTS

  • Cash Flow / Funds Flow
  • Budgets / Targets
  • Credit Limits
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis
  • Material Issue / Receipt Analysis
  • Consolidated Final Results
  • Data Freezing
  • Pop-up Calculator
  • User-definable Warning Alarms
  • Fully User-definable Access Rights
  • Year-wise Data Backup and Restore
  • Reference Adjustment Wizard
  • Merging of Accounts / Items
  • Data Exchange (XML)
  • Data Export (Plain File / HTML / MS-Excel)

Extensive Utilities

  • Grid Freezing
  • Pop-up Calculator
  • User-definable Warning Alarms
  • Fully User-definable Access Rights
  • Year-wise Data Backup and Restore
  • Reference Adjustment Wizard
  • Merging of Accounts / Items
  • Data Exchange (XML)
  • Data Export (Plain File / HTML / MS-Excel)
  • Rollback data to earlier pay periods

Audit Capability

We give you the tools needed to ensure 100% accuracy. Using Preview, you can display the results of a check prior to processing, or preview an entire Payroll Register Prior to Processing report, eliminating any entry errors. Another report, No Pay Listing - Prior to Processing, lists all active employees who might have been overlooked during the data entry process.

Extensive User Level Security & Access Rights Management

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