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  • 100% Authentic Result with no Error.
  • No Teachers' training required to maintain CCE records.
  • 100% offline Utility (No Internet connection required).
  • Includes automatic Descriptive Indicators.
  • Automatic grading for Scholastic & Co-Scholastic areas.
  • Automatic Class wise Mark List & Report Card Generation.
  • Saves teachers time & reduces their workload by 95% during exam time.
CCE Report Card Software
CCESoft is flexible and innovates the new trends in education management. CCESoft is a diverse, demanding, and high quality educational management system where every user can discover and realize their potential to achieve overall development.

Student Information:

Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents' information, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime.

  • Track students particulars
  • Student photo
  • Parent contact details

Teacher Information:

Teacher can access their schedule anytime.

  • View teachers' weekly teaching schedule
  • Assign lessons to a teacher
  • View teachers' contact

Parent Access:

Parents can log in and view their children's information anytime through the Parent Portal. Parents can check if their children attended school for that day, how they’re doing in their classes and see if their kids have homework that night too!

  • Parents can access the system from anywhere
  • View their children weekly class schedule
  • Track their children progress closely throughout the term
  • Parent can view notice board/thoughts/ principals message
  • Parents can file online leave application or complaints


We capture every bit of information in our systems, analysing huge datasheets to find analytical data can be a very troublesome task. Hence we have introduced graphical report.

  • Different report for different users
  • Faculty feedback graphs lets you easily identify the outliers
  • Section/Class comparison graph
  • And lot of interesting feature rich graphs for everyone


We understand the requirement of printing data on papers. Hence we have offered plenty of reports in each module. You’ll never fall short of any data item for printing.

  • Different report for different users
  • Outstanding fee report/ paid fee report
  • Student fee status report
  • Attendance report, and many more
  • And the best part of it is, we can add reports on demand


Track daily attendance by homeroom, period or subject. Easy to use interface to check off your students.

  • View previous student attendance records in calendar format
  • Parents can view attendance info at any time through the parent portal
  • Integrate attendance data seamlessly with your report cards too
  • Record staff attendance

Results/ Report Cards:

You now have the power to publish student result in a number of formats. You can choose your school format or go with CCE format. Also you have the power to choose which tests are a part of report card and which are not.

  • Capture your students results in tests, quizzes and assignments
  • Define the pass/fail criteria
  • Automated calculations
  • Share results data with parents and students instantly
  • Print mass student report cards


You can create homework assignments in seconds and share them instantly with your students.

  • Create homework assignments and define due dates
  • Share instantly via the parent and student portals

Scheduling Simplified:

You can generate the school's schedules easily. You can view schedules by student, teacher or class. You can view and print a PDF version of the schedule.

  • Parents can access the system from anywhere
  • Customize your teaching periods
  • Reconcile scheduling conflicts
  • Publish to students and parents as soon as the schedules are ready.


Manage enquiries to your school all in one place. Move enquiries to applications stage seamlessly right through the time to successfully enrol the student into the right class. All in one place.

  • Capture enquiry from prospective families and students
  • Manage application process online
  • Publish results online
  • Notify students and parents via SMS’es.
  • Enrol seamlessly

Fee Tracking:

Manage enquiries to your school all in one place. Move enquiries to applications stage seamlessly right through the time to successfully enrol the student into the right class. All in one place.

  • Create standard charges that you can use time and time again
  • See outstanding balances at a glance
  • Send automated reminder messages to parents
  • Share Bills information with parents instantly
  • Maintains students Personal Account

Email and text messaging:

No school today? Have a message you need to communicate urgently? Send out text messages direct to parents/student/staff whenever you need to.

  • Predefined templates of text messages you can use time and time again
  • Get confirmation receipts from SAPNETS

Advance Library:

A simple yet powerful library management system within CCESoft.

  • Add Books/Magazines/ Digital Content with cover
  • Issue, Renew, Reserve, Return
  • Auto Fine calculation
  • Automated SMS on late submission
  • Search books/magazines and digital content
  • View new arrivals in library

Exam Control:

  • Create Exams
  • Define Scoring system – Number/Grade
  • Define passing marks
  • Schedule exam on a date and an exam hall


Simple to use feature rich transportation module

  • Manage vehicle routes/ drivers/ bus details
  • Assign cost on the basis of pick points or distance range
  • One click SMS update to bus passengers about bus delay/etc.
  • Assign students/ teachers and other staff to transport vehicle


CCESoft offers highly feature rich hostel module which includes features such as:

  • Manage hostel and dormitory
  • Assign multiple wardens
  • Student In time and out time recording
  • Student migration from one hostel to another
  • Multiple room types – AC, non AC, Twin sharing, etc.
  • Room allocation and vacating


Now you can keep track of all visitors visiting your institution.

  • Provide visitors with temporary ID Cards
  • Record Purpose of visit and visit timings along with visitor details
  • Capture visitors photograph
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